Using only eco-friendly and sustainable materials and practices is integral to the Artesano team. We believe that in supporting local communities and protecting the environment, we’re ensuring an enduring livelihood for our artisans and creating continued love and respect for their beautiful trade around the world.

Our social mission is to engage with local initiatives that empower communities with education and skills, helping local citizens and their families to overcome poverty and improve living conditions.

Zuki pants Zuki pants

Zuki pants

Zena sweater Zena sweater

Zena sweater

Zapina Jumper Zapina Jumper

Zapina Jumper

Wilka Jumper Wilka Jumper

Wilka Jumper

€408 €440AYNI
Tania Jumper Tania Jumper

Tania Jumper

€290 €315AYNI
Sunqu trousers Sunqu trousers

Sunqu trousers

€309 €340AYNI
Senti maxi dress Senti maxi dress

Senti maxi dress

€314 €340AYNI
Samay dress

Samay dress

Roama skirt Roama skirt

Roama skirt

Osian skirt Osian skirt

Osian skirt

Oda Oda


Oceana dress

Oceana dress


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