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Platon plate


35€ 85€
Ivory on black
White on black


This platon plate can be used as a serving plate or just for decoration! 

To the southeast of El Guamo in Tolima, there is a territory in which the magic of clay and colors combine to give life to a ceramic full of history: Welcome to La Chamba.

They offer this curated selection of the finest pieces from the region, complete with custom elements and limited collections that are specific to the showroom.

MEXICO-TALAVERA: Clay base hand sculpted and painted



Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Please note, irregularities can appear in the maiolica and are part of the charm of the craft. As unique, handmade art, not two items are ever exactly the same and color varies across monitors.  



Atelier Folklore creates unique objects that embody the excellence of the true craftsmanship. Their collections honors the traditions of the talented artisans and while simultaneously challenges atelier folklore to create own styles appealing to the aesthetics of different markets.

They have been carefully combing various regions of Mexico in order to collaborate directly with our creative partners on our inaugural collection of handmade artisan pieces. Atelier Folklore upholds a commitment to promote and empower our artisan partners through programs that ensure independence and progressive advancement for these creative communities.



Black on ivory : 30 cm

White on black: 30 cm


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