Maison Mexi Beaucoup is an encounter between Mexican-Mayan ancestral tradition and refined Parisian elegance and art of living. The very essence of our work is to enhance the work of Mexican artisans, most often from disadvantaged rural communities in order to enable them to improve permanently their way of life as well as their entire community. Take a cushion in your hands: you will feel the quality the precision of the rich handcrafts work done with passion.

All their cushions are handmade in Chiapas, a mountainous region of southern Mexico, known as the cradle of Mexican textile art. The precise expertise and thorough knowledge of the backstrap loom weaving techniques are transmitted by women from generation to generation. Artisan women transform this raw material by delicately weaving colored threads one after the other. 

Maison Mexi Beaucoup has one purpose: to showcase around the world the pre-hispanic ancestral “savoir-faire” giving it a contemporary resonance by developing minimalist designs. 


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