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The top


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With a sophisticated vision, the purpose of the brand is to create a confrontation between the human figure and architecture.  Every piece from the collection is a statement of this, the top is a black and white short top that translates beautifully from day to night.



      Polyester fabric is easy to look after and it can be washed and dried at home. Recommended to wash polyester inside out, this prevents dust balls. The best way to wash at a maximum of 40 degrees and preferably at 30 degrees. It is a quick drying fabric, so a popular choice for outdoor clothing. Dry flat, do not tumble dry. Polyester is highly flammable, so care needs to be taken, especially if wearing or using 100% polyester near an open flame.



      Cihuah comes from the Nahuatl word for women, in homage to the ingenious women who work traditional craft, their ancient knowledge and their culture. The brand pays tribute to the basic geometric patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing. All pieces are a sophisticated vision in white and black, designed with an obsessive attention to the straight line and perfection; an exercise of confrontation between the line and the human figure, bringing fashion closer to architectural elements which make up our physical space.



      Size: S


      • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

      • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

      • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

      • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

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