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Nica Pipa bag with pompons


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A piece where you can keep all your personal possession! Can be used for shopping and so much more! Choose between the warm red colour or the cool blue colour. The Nica Pipa bag with pompons is an exclusive bag made from fibres extracted from Peruvian coasts. All pieces take approximately 10 hours to be produced. Handmade and dyed by hand. This bag is just one-of-a-kind! It gives you the feeling of love and happiness. 

100% Brushed straw Tote Bag with acrylic pompons

  • Height: 22 cm 
  • Circunference: 94 cm 
  • Depth: 15cm 
  • Strap height: 13cm
  • Weight : 0.6 kg


When washing: use water at normal temperature and brush in the direction of the straw threads.

Keep the piece under running water until the bag is completely clean. Then let it dry in open air.

Do not use chemicals or tumble dry.

It is recommended to keep it in a dry place.



Nannacay® (Nãnākay), name of Quechua origin Aymara, meaning Sisterhood of women, works with the goal to conquer the fashion industry while helping others in need.

Delicately handmade, the social project's mission is to help develop the creative potential in poor communities in Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

Pieces being extremely unique, lend expertise through its colours patterns and high-quality artisanal products. A bridge between those who need help and those who want to help.



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