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Siembra cardigan


378€ 540€


Siembra cardigan can be worn as a coat or a jacket. It's a good looking comfortable cardigan. It will gives you more, more elegance, more warmth, more attention to details made by hands of those who care.  

Size: One Size

Composition: 100% Baby Alpaca

Baby alpaca is an exceptionally fine, incredible soft, lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic fiber which comes from the back of the adult alpaca (not a new born alpaca), the only part that does not get contaminated by dirt. They are gently shorn by hand and only once a year during the warmer season.


      The best method, recommended as the best choice, is hand washing. This because wool products can shrink if the temperature change. So the greater the temperature change and/or agitation, the greater the risk of shrinking and felting. A delicate wash and lower temperature setting is generally less risky. Dry clean, do not tumble dry.



      Devoted to design and committed to heritage. ESCUDO combines their passion for design with Peru’s vast cultural wealth, bringing soulful, one of a kind pieces inspired by ancestral traditions with a high commitment to the development of artisanal techniques. With deep admiration for folk art and the responsibility that comes with their attention to detail, bring elements and colours to converse, brining us closer to the essence of our past and project us into the future.

      The fabrics from each piece have been hand woven by remote communities in Huancavelica, Peru. The fibres used to create these pieces have been dyed using natural pigments and are all from organic materials. Each garment has been hand stitched together, as seen delicately by the detail on the sides.




      Unique Size.

      Model wears: Unique size
      Model's height: 175 cm/5'8”


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