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Mushroom cufflinks


The Hikuri (PEYOTE) Collection was inspired by Peyote cactus which typically grows in the dessert of San Luis Potosi. Its hallucinogenic effects bring insight to the mysteries of the inner world and elevate the spirit. The Huicholes (native Mexican people who have traditionally used Peyote for hundreds of years) believe in cosmology, which tells of how all Huicholes were formed with elements of the natural world: fire, air, water, and earth. Because the Huicholes view themselves as descendants of the earth, all aspects of their life are dedicated to ensure that nature will be appeased and remain in balance. 

  • 22K Gold plated Brass Cufflinks


Avoid washing with soap or water. The surface of gold, platinum and silver jewellery can become dulled with time. 



SOPHIE SIMONE reflects her love for her native Mexico through the creation of timeless feminine and versatile pieces. They are handmade by Mexican artisans, making every work unique.

The forms she finds in nature inspire her to create using elements such as gold, silver and precious gemstones in a way that express her vision for love and peace.



  • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

  • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

  • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

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