During our trip to Bogota, we had the pleasure to meet up with our friend Eleonora Morales. This gorgeous Colombian, who has travelled all over the world and has a passion for Asian objects and African clothing and prints opened up to us.

She has worked in different fields of the fashion industry as stylist, journalist, teacher and brand consultant for diverse clients. Today, Eleonora specialises in consulting in digital strategies for fashion and launched her Garage Sales, opening up her own closet for sale. 

We love her energy and elegance, and the way she puts together looks that would be inconceivable for many of us!  We had a lot of fun visiting her and with no more further introductions here she is:

One question to Eleonora Morales from 85° on Vimeo.




85°: How did the idea of ​​the Garage Sales start?

E: The idea was born a few years ago, it was initially intended only for friends and family.
I used my parents' place to organise it. I’ve always had a significant amount of clothing and of course there’s some pieces you never use no matter how much you love them!
It all came to me very organically, people were genuinely interested, they enjoyed it, it was awesome!
I never thought back then that this could be a good income. Then last year was an eye opener, I moved flats and the one I left, stayed as an unoccupied space when the idea hit me. I didn’t want to carry all my stuff, so I decided to launch my first public Garage Sale.
I invited to the event through my social media and the first day I received 80 people, I couldn’t believe it.
The first edition was literally an appetizer and I wanted to make it bigger by using other people's closet as well. Therefore for the second edition I invited Colombian designer Stefanie Mattos to open her closet together with five other incredible partnerships. The idea is to continue the collaborations and have a wider option of incredible pieces.

85°: What is your opinion regarding sustainability within your project?

E: I must admit it is still a new subject for me… I didn’t start the Garage Sales as a sustainable project, it was more about doing something fun. However, I realized that what’s interesting is how you can reuse everything. Today, I see the whole concept as sustainable, what is old and obsolete for me, can be new and exciting for somebody else! It couldn’t get any better! It’s like circular fashion.
I actually also rent my closet, I have pieces that I’m obsessed with, therefore I do not want to necessarily get rid of them and instead I rent them. It is more about sharing and reusing.
I believe we can all share clothes and look great!

85°: Anything to say about the development of Latin American fashion?

E: In my opinion, every country in Latin America has a very different approach to it. I personally work quite often with Mexico, where the fashion industry is already big, they have media and editorial content support that we lack in Colombia for example. However I feel that in Colombia, there’s a lot of talent in terms of design and that is a big strength. By no means I am diminishing others, just to be clear!
If we talk about Peru, I think in terms of sustainability they take the lead. Every country is contributing in different ways, if you put  it all together it becomes important and it creates an impact towards international markets.

85°: Now the difficult one..
E: (laughs)

85°: In three words, how would you describe Colombian fashion?
E: Work in Progress. 
85°: That’s already three!!!
E: (laughs)
E: Developing, traditional and caribbean 

85°: Time for the fast questions, ready?
E: Always

85°: One piece or bikini?
E: One piece

85°: Hi-heels or sneakers?
E: Sneakers

85°: Trousers or skirts?
E: ALWAYS Skirts!

85°: Summer or Winter?
E: Winter

85°: Day or Evening?

85°: Garage sales or shops?
E: I’ll have to go with garage sales especially when I’m traveling, in Colombia only mine (laughs).

85°: Genius!


Interview by Carolina Angel

Video edit by Andres Cobos