The Story

85° is the mean of degrees of latitude and longitude that covers the Latin American territories.

Acting as a bridge between these 85° of cultures and Europe, the project was born in summer 2017 between Paris and Mexico City with the aim to curate an eclectic selection of emerging contemporary design from Latin America that is at the crossroad between craftsmanship and sustainability, with a unique modernity of line and playing of a redefinition of luxury.

Thought as a gallery, a store, and a special editions house, with an image production twist, our fashion and design omni-channel business is supported divisions such as e-com, pop-ups and events, representation showrooms, and image consulting.

We value working with designers who are conscious of their surroundings, who are dedicated to a timeless vision of luxury, and together, we celebrate the exchange of knowledge they practice with their craftsmen and women, and their studio.

The vision

85° is a statement.

85° is a dialogue. It's a love-brand, a space that offers an exchange of ideas and cultures to people who are thirsty for knowledge.

We value quality and design objects made with care, with precision, with dedication to elevate not only the communities they rely on, but also the product; and in doing so, our customer throughout his experience.

People who love design love discovering new horizons, news proposals and different ways of expressing ideas through a universal language.

Latin American designers generate, as a result of their mixed history, a cultural syncretism in which different ideologies - American and European - are intertwined.

85° is a state of mind in a world where frontiers are being broken down.

The People

Originally founded by Amaya Ducru Clouthier and Ines Olaechea, a blend of French, Peruvian and Mexican upbringings, and products of the "third culture kids" generation where Amaya's background in production and creative direction blended with Ines's entrepreneurial instinct. 

Today, Amaya along with an updated and growing team, fosters the fascination for the exchange of know-how between designers and craftsmen to elaborate pieces that open us to a new vision, without borders, on heritage and future, the art of innovation and responsible practices. 

Looking to the future, 85° is expanding to different creative disciplines, with a inherent desire to see a generation of emerging artists concerned about their surroundings bloom, cross-pollinate, and raise their voice.

By working to take down cultural barriers between each other we elevate one another.

The icons


Local community

Developed with a village, a tribe or a community, where proceeds are reinvested into the neighbouring businesses. This way they empower local communities to achieve a better day to day by preserving their heritage.


Fair & square

Made under fair pay, safe working conditions, and a juster distribution of gain, these items are committed to building a sustainable future by enabling equitable trade opportunities through skill training, job development and transparency in the production process.



We think highly of the hands that make the products, the hands that extend to one another. These hands carry knowledge and create unique pieces. By promoting slow fashion, these hands take the time to make with precision and care.



We want to see less waste in our oceans and lands, so we encourage communities to feel responsible in the way they consume and treat the materials they use. We love seeing products made from reconditioned materials, giving them a second chance to be part of our lifecycle.


Noble & Natural

Nature stands head tall, with all its nobility looking straight into our eyes. Cherishing nature’s raw materials, such as fabrics, dyes, woods, stones, we promote an easy-living movement where we reconnect with prime basics, immortal classics and organic offerings.


Multicultural heritage

We turn towards those who have inherited from indigenous, old-age techniques to learn about the symbols and values of specific traditions. We value the roots these products have been crafted within, preserving the DNA of endangered cultures.


Exclusive to 85°

Born from the collaboration between 85°, the brand and its artisans, these exclusive pieces represent the syncretism we live by as a way to turn to one another, learn from each other, find our common ground and love our differences. Produced specially for you.



Made with low levels of toxins and allergens, these pieces work on maintaining air and water quality while being friendly to your skin and preserving your body from harmful substances, working towards a hypoallergenic lifestyle.

The first concept store and brand incubator based in Paris for Latin American design.