A coffee with Georgina Prieto, AVEC's creative director.

A coffee with Georgina Prieto, AVEC's creative director.

by Isabel Morales

AVEC is one of the hypest jewellery brands in Mexico right now. Her jewellery, fun and experimental as she is, breaks the established rules and creates an open game. Seizing the opportunity of her being in Paris for Fashion Week, we grabbed a coffee together so we could get to know more about what lies behind her work.

Tell us about AVEC, how did it come to be and why?

AVEC emerged making little pieces and selling them to friends! Then little by little they asked me to do more pieces and that’s how I started to be more involved in the jewellery and design world. I realized how much I loved it and how much people appreciated my designs.

What does jewellery mean to you? What is your relationship with it as a woman, a client and a designer?

I love jewellery, I believe it’s a form of expression, and each piece defines the personality of the person that chooses it. I find very interesting how a piece of jewellery changes depending on how you wear it, and the attitude you carry on with it. As a designer I’m really inspired by geometry, by its clean strokes made with such strength.

What do you want to express through your designs?

That jewellery can be fun and experimental. It’s a way to explore and redefine borders, the way you know yourself can be redefined as we are constantly changing. This change is fun through jewellery, with an open possibility of shapes and colours; it is also a way to explore and be what you want to be.

You lived in Paris for a while, did it change your perspective about Mexico or being Mexican?

Well, yes, I love Mexico and I have always loved it but I did return with a different perspective. Being away from it made me realize what a great country it is. It is so rich in its culture, its gastronomy, its people, etc. The quality of life that it offers is amazing and it has given me so many opportunities on my professional development; it is a country that opens doors to you.

As a young designer in Mexico, how was your entrepreneurial development?

It was little by little, to be honest, I started with small pieces and collections and then they grew through time, getting stronger. Finding your voice, your style is not evident; it is a process that matured through time. This was my experience with AVEC, it was a natural development with ups and downs growing into maturity.

Tell us about the production process, your workshop in downtown Mexico City…

Everything is by steps, I make the drawings and then produce a wax mould. It is then filled, and the piece is polished until the desired outcome is achieved. I form the collection by selecting from these pieces. The workshop is based in the historical centre of Mexico City for a special reason, it has a story to tell. It became affluent with jewellery shops and ateliers in the 19th century under the European influence. Following a decline in savoir-faire, AVEC goes back to tradition, proposing great quality jewels while supporting local communities.

Tell us about your single earrings.

They have a very special place in each collection I have made, I love the idea of mix and match and not to be determined. This last collection was about colours, about playing with them for their combination, depending on personal style. They are a true classic and always evolving at the same time. I love Mexico City. I live in an apartment with Mila (my dog) in Roma Norte, it has been my neighborhood since I arrived and I love it! My friends live there, I do several things around there and it’s even close to the historic downtown, where my workshop is. It’s surrounded by nature and has big beautiful houses. It is a place where you can walk everywhere and the many restaurants and galleries are only a bike ride away!How do you live Mexico City?

What place in Mexico City inspires you the most?

For me it is the Chapultepec Park. Going for walks and meanders, getting lost in it. It is such a big park, the say it’s the lung of the city, it allows you to breathe. I love going there particularly in the afternoon, the light is so beautiful, especially when it filters through the leaves. Nature is a great source of inspiration for my work, and I love that I can find that just in the middle of the city.

What is your favourite place to eat?

I have a lot, I’m a total food lover. Mexican food is one of my favourites, I love going to El Cardenal for the traditional popular gastronomy and toAzúl Histórico for traditional plates with a contemporary touch.

For something different, Rosettahas a very special Italian touch, set in a beautiful house where you can sit and spend some time. Elena Reygadas, the chef, works so accurately with local Mexican products with an Italian finish.

Tell us a little bit about your future plans…

I’m about to show a new collection, I’m really excited about it, I think it’s going to be really cool. I want to expand and make AVEC grow, to break down frontiers as I am sure that my jewellery is not for a particular nationality, but for every woman that wants to have fun and explore her own style…

Discover more about her collection here.

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