Comidas Solidarias: nurturing today for a better tomorrow

Comidas Solidarias: nurturing today for a better tomorrow

As the international crisis sparked by COVID-19 shines a light on the necessity to focus on increasingly sustainable solutions for the future, our present and the people around us also need attention. Our business has at its core to partner with sustainable brands and projects, and as we go forward we have decided to back initiatives that make us all more human and connected with our societies especially during difficult times. Every week, our team will be presenting a project we are backing.

Please meet below the citizen-led initiative to whom we are dedicating the benefits of our HOME COLLECTION pieces (click to shop). 

For all of us food lovers, we want to contribute in making sure to enjoy great food while visiting Mexico City, and keep afloat an agroecological project in Xochimilco that reintroduces responsible farming as well as nature preservation. By donating the proceeds of our lifestyle products to Comidas Solidarias - Solidary Meals - the initiative can bring together some of the best chefs of Mexico City cooking with fair trade and clean produce for doctors, patients, and their families in need, and help nourish them through recovery, as well as nourish the producers' economy they are purchasing from.

Watch the heart-warming video to discover the full project initiative in beautiful Mexico City:

Comidas Solidarias Subtitulos from ROMARICO CIBRIAN on Vimeo.

The produce - such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and others - is bought trough IAX at a fair price and delivered every day to the restaurants participating in the program. The prepared food is then delivered through Gastromotiva where it is portioned, re-heated, and packed. Once ready, the meals are distributed to patients and their families, through the communal canteens of Por Un Hogar Foundation adjacent to the Hospital General Siglo XXI.

The restaurants, chefs, organizations and associations have mobilised their funds to maintain the fragile responsible ecosystem and to better the health of patients. Nevertheless their funds are not enough, and we want to be part of the change by donating the proceeds of a selection of products. 


For more information and as we have been close followers of some of the partners, we present them here:

- Iniciativa Agroecológica Xochimilco A.C. ( IAX ) has for mission to create a network of farmers that promote and take care of a healthy ecosystem by practicing agro-ecology with the support of institution, bio-remediation techniques, and fair trade practices.

- Yolcan is a platform that connects local farmers, conscious consumers, and some of Mexico City's best chefs. It is a network of humans committed to the rescue of "chinampas" in Xochimilco, and the mexican farming landscape in general. Personal relationships is key in achieving a systematic change. Today, the platform connects farming families of xochimilco with restaurants such as Contramar, Máximo Bistro, Pujol, Quintonil and Rosetta.

 - Gastromotiva is a human-centered movement that uses food and gastronomy to address social inequality, improve nutrition education, and eliminate food waste. By fighting food waste, malnutrition and social exclusion through job creation, the association brings education and dignity to the vulnerable.

- Por un Hogar is an NGO that supports the sick that have been forced to travel to Mexico City in search of medical treatment. They provide emotional support, shelter, and food through visits to hospitals, communal canteens, and safe and clean shelters.

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