Inside Alado's latest collection

Inside Alado's latest collection

As we travelled to Medellin for ColombiaModa this summer and sat through the beautiful closing fashion show by Alado, we felt we had to meet Andrés Restrepo y Alejandro González, the creative duo behind the brand. We then discovered a whole universe of deep research into forms, collection construction, and the history of ceramics in Colombia. As Alado came to Paris for their first show, we took the time to ask them a could of questions. 

The 1. what, 2. why, and 3. how of this collection?

The intention of the firm is to exalt the ceramics, one of the most representative artisanal techniques of our country, in order to make it visible and renew the aesthetic that has commonly characterized it.

Because we want to find the roots of our creative culture.

Creating a relationship between design, art and crafts.

What is the key inspiration behind it?

Terracotta is a collection that connects with the earth, with crafts and with art as well. It is a tribute to the work of the ceramist craftsman. A commitment to the roots of the artisan under the fashion perspective of the 21st century.

Your favourite piece you have created?

We love dresses, especially the simple blacks with a lot of architecture, for us they express the power of history and the concept behind collection.

One element you love about Design?

The possibility of transforming matter into art.

If you had to choose one material to work in, which one would it be?

We think it would be natural and raw linen.

What does “85°" mean to you?

For us it is a possibility, a bridge, an opportunity to show our work.

One word that comes to mind when hearing “sustainability”?


How do you participate to a more sustainable world?

Sustainability for us has three axes: social, environmental and economic sustainability.

We believe that from the brand we can create an impact. On social sustainability, for example, we offer students the opportunity to combine work and study. We pay for the studies of creatives who have talent but cannot pay for their own studies. We also work on joint projects with indigenous, and rural communities to impulse and improve artisan techniques.

On the environment, we have manual construction techniques where we leave no, or very little, waste;

And in the economic aspect, we have programs to finance projects and family businesses that can grow and support the production of the brand.

A holiday favourite spot in Latam?


One piece or bikini?


Maxi bag or mini bag?

Tula bag and winged bag

One thing you cannot travel without?

White T-shirt

What is your favourite city, in Latam maybe?


Who is your all industries combined Latin American idol?

Ruven Afanador

Your favourite restaurant in your city?

That without pretensions does the simple-magic.

Or favourite spot?

Our country house in the Colombian mountains.

Day or Night?

Night, because the sky seems more interesting.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

French fries

Your song this summer was?


A great favourite quote?

“Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos” 


Andres and Alejandro, the duo behind Alado


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