Marcia Kemp's Nannacay

Marcia Kemp's Nannacay

Nannacay, name of Aymara Quechua origin meaning "sisterhood of women”, works with the goal to conquer the fashion industry while helping those in need. The social project's mission is to help develop the creative potential in poor communities in Peru, Colombia and Brazil by providing them with support and a fair revenue stream to empower the communities that have so much to offer.

We asked brazillian designer and founder of Nannacay, Marcia Kemp some questions to get to know her better and what she aims to achieve with her work. 


85º: The inspiration behind the collection

M: Families, my goal is to improve lives. Always!

85º: Your favourite piece you have created?

M: I love all the pieces, they are all made with love.

85º: One element you love about design?

M: I love working together, hand in hand, with the artisans. They are great artists who always inspire me. 

85º: You have to pick one material to dress in, which one would it be?

M: A black dress. 

85º: What does “85°" mean to you?

M: I love their concept, how they introduce a curated selection of conscious designers from Latin America. How they value craftsmanship and created a platform to give visibility to the creative work made by artisans.

85º: One word that comes to mind when hearing “sustainability”?

M: Development 

85º: What is your sustainability factor?

M: We actively improve the quality of life of 305 families. We have a partnership with  the NGO “Istituto de Crianca” who provided the necessary information regarding these families to be able to work in favour of their well being. We are now very proud to communicate as well about our Eco Age Brandmark and will continue to seek  people and families who need our care and support.

85º: A holiday favourite spot in Latam?

M: Marau - Bahia 

85º: One piece or bikini?

M: One piece

85º: Maxi bag or mini bag?

M: Maxi Bag

85º: One thing you cannot travel without?

M: My sunscreen

85º: What is your favourite city (in Latam maybe)?

M: Rio de Janeiro, my city

85º: Who would you like to take to that city?

M: I would take with me a lot of PEACE

85º: Who is your all industries combined, Latin American idol?

M: I admire João Gilberto Bossa, Nova’s creator

85º: Your favourite restaurant in your city?

M: Celeiro at Leblon

85º: Or favourite spot?

M: Sunset at Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro  

85º: Day or Night? Why?

M: Day, because I love the sunlight. It is a great feeling to wake up everyday with my family with good health and raising my lovely twin boys who make me very proud

85º: You have pick to eat one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?

M: Apple

85º: Your song this summer?

M: All in one - Bebel Gilberto 

85º: A great favourite quote?

M: “Life is too short” from Rafael Kemp, my  son


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