Meet our travel journal

Meet our travel journal

We would like you to see Latin America the way we see it, on unbeaten tracks. Here, the best of two worlds meet: design and travel. In a simple way, creativity comes from the observation of what surrounds us, every object is a result of infinite points of view that converge into a single place. So we ask our brands too, let’s rediscover our pieces in their place of origin, the inspiration behind those creations, the processes, artisans, and studios.


Presented as intimate interviews and Q&As, this traveling editorial unravels insider tips on Latin America as viewed by locals. Every week we will introduce one place, one person, one point of view. At the end, you can make your own. By telling you about their journeys and ours, we look forward to inspiring one of your own: your journey.


With love,


Amaya & Ines

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