Veni, vidi, Verdi!

Veni, vidi, Verdi!

After meeting Tomas Vera at the Latin American Fashion Summit nearly a year ago, 85° partnered up with VERDI to bring one of a kind pieces to Paris extendinng summer into Design Week. Spot-light on The Mochila Verdi, a luxurious crossing between a jewellery piece and a handbag, between tradition and innovation; of course, hand-knitted by experts in Colombia.

As we showcase these jewels in our Parisian boutique and online (here) we ask Tomas a couple of questions...

The 1. what, 2. why, and 3. how of this collection?
What: A unique selection of hand-knitted handbags that reinterpret traditional Colombian techniques
Why: We believe that exceptional craft is today’s ultimate luxury. We want to elevate and modernize Colombian craft and tradition.
How: By reinterpreting tradition and handweaving unique accessories that are also small works of art

What is the key inspiration behind it?
Colombian culture 

Your favourite piece you have created? (Is it in our selection?)
The first VERDI MOCHILA: our Verdi-Weave in copper and blue velvet

One element you love about Design?

If you had to choose one material to work in, which one would it be?
Metal threads! 

What does “85°" mean to you? / What do you think “85°" stands for?
A curated selection: a contemporary, cohesive mix of Latin American delicacies.

One word that comes to mind when hearing “sustainability”?

Choose one: What is your sustainability factor? / How do you think you impact your 
surroundings? / How do you participate to a more sustainable world?

Sustainability factor:
1. Social responsibility: our work with communities and artisans in our workshop
2. Environmental responsibility: we’re working on an eco-friendly dye project. We also promote sustainable extraction of the fique leaves when sourcing our main fiber. 

A holiday favourite spot in Latam?

One piece or bikini?

Maxi bag or mini bag?
Mini bag – a VERDI Mochila!

One thing you cannot travel without?
My Camera 

What is your favourite city (in Latam maybe)?

Who would you like to take to that city?
My girlfriend 

Who is your all industries combined Latin American idol?
Edgardo Osorio

Your favourite restaurant in your city?
Don’t really have a favorite restaurant; I like to vary and always try new spots!

Or favourite spot?
Mirador de la virgen

Day or Night? Why?
Can’t chose, each one definitely compliments the other!

You have pick to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Your song this summer was?
Callaita by Bad Bunny!

A great favourite quote?
“Cada loco con su cuento”


* Exclusively for us, we have a few unique VERDI pieces for you in store! Shop the selection here.

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