Sounds and words for the imagination

Sounds and words for the imagination

We are wishing for an escape, and if not real yet, then in thoughts.
Therefore it is time to share a poem and a violin with Carine Valette and Pavel Amilcar, artistic duo confined in Barcelona who will take over the image, the sound, and the words of our very first instagram LIVE for a 30 minute performance. Poetry and violin take us away on an improvised escape.
A takeover, in french words and universal sensations. 

Sunday 6pm CET (Paris time)

instagram LIVE: @85paris

To give this reunion a celebratory twits, let's pretend we are all together and share the same table: we will be sharing on friday (here below and on our instagram account) 3 recipes, no fuss, perfect for brunch or "apéro" so we can all savour being connected whilst enjoying the performance. 

Photography by Saul Escobar

We are honoured to present our 1st LIVE takeover in the hands of the exquisit duo as they share poetry and music. It is an invitation to escape, imagine, love, share. It is a small step to increasingly bring together our passion for art, sensory expressions, and other forms of creativity around design, and we will be using our social media channel to enchant our worlds and share this passion. Let us now introduce you to the duo:

Pavel Amilcar (Mexico City, 1979) is a violinist dedicated to the interpretation of early music based on historical criteria. He completed his graduate studies at the Superior Conservatory of Catalunya (ESMUC), as well as a Master with Manfredo Kraemer. In 2007, he was awarded the Interpreter grant from the National Fund for Culture and Arts (Mexico). Pavel Amilcar is a founding member of the Divina Mysteria ensemble, and professor of the baroque violin class of the Superior Conservatory of Vigo (Spain). His disc, Capriccio Scarlatti, is being edited.

Carine Valette (Bordeaux, 1983) writes since childhood. In 2012, she began to read in public her poetry collection Miroir sans Titre. Fascinated by the stage, she has since created multidisciplinary shows. Curious about a creation without borders, she extends her exploration to Butoh dance, bookbinding or engraving, leaving words at the center of her works, both scenic and visual. In 2017, she completed her training with a Postgraduate of Performing Arts and Social Action at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, and co-directs since community projects where the personal narration of the participants is at the center of the creation. Her second poetry collection Cicatrices, illustrated by the artist Perico Pastor, is to be published. For CITY Magazine, Carine shares her travel diaries. Together, they imagine multidisciplinary pieces and performances, like Femmes, Hipnosis and Soledad. 

We can't wait to see you on sunday on our instagram. 

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