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Mini Alicia G


60€ 290€


Perfect for beach days to carry your sunscreen, sunglasses and your favorite book or city nights out when you only need the essentials. The plastic beads are manufactured in Argentina using recyclable and non-toxic materials. The pigmentation of the beads is made with non-toxic colors implemented during the manufacture of the beads themselves, they are not hand painted. Mix the bright colors with a breezy pastel look for an ideal outfit for the season.

H 16,5 cm - W 12 cm - D 12 cm


The bags can be clean with water and neutral soap. Do not expose the bag to fire or intense heat, do not use alcohol or any abrasive component.


Del Duca is an Argentinian accessories brand influenced by a vintage style, handcraft and an aesthetic ranging from playful designs to luxury pieces.

Founded by Mariana Diaz, when she began to experiment, looking for new shapes, colours and materials, and when she finally revisited an old technique from the 50's to create originally and colorful pieces, with a timeless wearability and sophisticated aesthetics. The products are 100% handmade in her own workshop in Buenos Aires, each piece is meticulously crafted, with the utmost care for details, using the best material manufactured exclusively for the brand with a great sense of care for the environment.

An artisan, who has been trained to perform at this desired quality, can work up to 20 hours on each single piece.


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