CIHUAH comes from the Nahuatl word for “women” and pays tribute to the basic geometric patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing. Architectural theory and techniques are applied on a small scale to each garment using: geometry, proportion, aesthetics, construction- deconstruction, symmetry-asymmetry, balance-imbalance, and mostly in black and white. A basic wardrobe composed as the little black dress, but also reassessing the garment giving new uses and functions, all with a touch of design.
Tied collar shirt Tied collar shirt

Tied collar shirt

The Chemiser The Chemiser

The Chemiser

Square shirt Square shirt

Square shirt

Side collar Blouse Side collar Blouse

Side collar Blouse

Circular skirt brick_cih

Circular skirt

Backless shirt Backless shirt

Backless shirt

Asymetric top Asymetric top

Asymetric top


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