Nannacay, name of Aymara Quechua origin meaning "sisterhood of women", works with the goal to conquer the fashion industry while helping those in need.

Delicately handmade, the social project's mission is to help develop the creative potential in poor communities in Peru, Colombia and Brazil by providing them with support and a fair revenue stream to empower the communities that have so much to offer. Rescuing many handcrafting techniques in palm-weaving and textiles, each piece is a high quality and uniquely colourful artisanal products that feels great. A bridge between those who need help and those who can help.

Ola bucket bag Ola bucket bag

Ola bucket bag

Baby Roge bag Baby Roge bag

Baby Roge bag

House mini bag House mini bag

House mini bag

Buriti Straw Clutch Buriti Straw Clutch

Buriti Straw Clutch

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