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Chrysoprase totem poles


60€ 265€


Designer Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz pieces truly reflects her passion for art and colour. The Chrysoprase gemstones combined with Baroque Natural Pearls showcases her inspiration for this collection. Style yours with neutral looks to enhance their clever design and beautiful colours.


In order to preserve your piece be sure any cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, oils etc. are completely dry before putting on your jewelry, and that there is no contact with water (in particular salted water and chlorine must be avoided.) 
We recommend that you gently wipe your piece with a soft cloth after every use. As the majority of the collection requires intricate wirework, each piece should be delicately handled and stored in an appropriate setting (preferably in its pouch or in a closed jewelry box— avoiding humidity and protected from the air.) 


Inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of the Dutch Caribbean and deeply influenced by the cultural melting pot that is New York City, Beck Jewels is a testament to free-spirited elegance.  The duality between island life and city living is at the heart of Beck.

Designer Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz combines unique artistic elements from her upbringing on the idyllic Caribbean island of Curaçao with the cultural influences of her city home. 

Each piece is carefully handcrafted, a testament to Rebecca’s passion for quality and sustainability. Committed to sourcing gemstones for their healing and transformative properties, each piece tells a unique story shaped by her travels and love of art, color, history and culture.



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  • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

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