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Big Bang earrings


80€ 235€

Inspired in Oaxaca’s magic mushrooms that grow on the Sierra Oaxaqueña and Maria Sabina, a famous shaman and medicine woman who lived in San Jose Del Pacifico, who was known for her work with the magic mushrooms. 
One large mushroom is like the sun, the start of it all.
Care: Avoid washing with soap or water. The surface of gold, platinum and silver jewellery can become dulled with time. 

SOPHIE SIMONE reflects her love for her native Mexico through the creation of timeless feminine and versatile pieces. They are handmade by Mexican artisans, making every work unique.
The forms she finds in nature inspire her to create using elements such as gold, silver and precious gemstones in a way that express her vision for love and peace.


  • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

  • Adventurer Cheesecake Brownie

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