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Mazorca double earrings




These Mazorca double earrings are handknited pieces! The raw cotton looks perfect with these earrings. Wear it to a party! Each Caralarga piece is handmade with artisan techniques.

Material: 100% raw cotton, Sansevieria natural fiber, waxed chord and 925 oxidized silver hook.

Handmade, Recycled, Contributing to local economies


Brush cotton tassels with a comb for maintenance.

Hair spray it if needed.

Do not wash or dry clean.

Caution the fibre may be flammable.



CARALARGA is a Mexican workshop of handcrafted jewelry, inspired by the raw materials of nature. With their designs, they seek to preserve their essence and highlight its benefits well in transforming high quality handmade jewelry. Caralarga want to convey the value of our hands and highlight the natural beauty of each material. They like things as they are. They admire the simplicity and they believe that a simple world is better. This is the sou rce of their inspiration. Caralarga is located in the “Fabrica de hilados y tejidos, EI Hércules”, Querétaro, México. 



Length: 10cm

*Length and small details may vary among same models.




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