ONORA is a project founded by Maggie Galton and María Eladia Hagerman; their vision and passion for Mexico’s cultural richness brought them together. They have been creating textiles and house accessories for more than 15 years. With every piece they are in a constant search for the balance between tradition and new trends.

The collections reinterpret traditional designs while giving them a contemporary use and an aesthetic that reflects a refined casual and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

White decorative gourd White decorative gourd
ONORAFrom 94€

White decorative gourd

Toiletry bag Toiletry bag
ONORAFrom 50€

Toiletry bag

Copper basket L Copper basket L

Copper basket L

Copper plate Copper plate

Copper plate

Black decorative gourd Black decorative gourd
ONORAFrom 94€

Black decorative gourd

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