The studio

Established in 2017, 85° is an integration platform and consulting studio specialised in the development of conscious Latin American designers. With a selective curation, 85° aims to position Latin American brands in the fashion, design, and cultural industries by promoting artistic and commercial exchange between Latin America and Europe through special projects and collaborations.

As a fashion and lifestyle omni-channel business in the European market, 85° is supported by its cross-media divisions such as showroom, e-com, brick & mortar, pop-ups, image, and consulting.

The studio offers comprehensive development services to emerging and established designers alike working hand in hand with teams to become their extension through 2 main pillars: REPRESENTATION & CONSULTANCY

The creative twist

Brand collaborations & special projects
Being part of our roster of talents seals our commitment to include your brand in a wide range of exciting projects, such as, and not limited to:
- Curations for retail experiences and pop-ups.
- Decoration projects and hospitality.
- Brand & artists collaborations on exhibitions or capsule collections.
- Content creation in our journal platform which also improve your SEO.

Creative, identity, & product consulting
Looking into your brand’s DNA to identify the key pillars that will make for a strong cohesive identity, story and product development, we dig into:
- Image consulting and analysis to identify your brand’s positioning.
- Adequacy of branding and product.
- Alignment with market expectations.

We accompany you in your branding, identity planning, and art direction, through to lookbook production and overlooking online experience and packaging.

The thinking

Commercial objectives & distribution

Understanding the positioning and aims of your brand and its growing needs is crucial to work on a suitable distribution strategy. For this reason a clear prior market analysis is necessary. Together, we will agree on:
- Sales objectives and development goals.
- Establishing the best way to work with retailers and beneficial commercial agreements.
- Customised use of data base and pitching to the right stores according to each brand.

Market analysis & positioning

Digging deeper, we analyse the current market and where your brand fits into the respective industry to establish a specific marketing strategy. Some key points we highlight for you:
- Analysis of the competition.
- What are the trends?
- What is the client asking for?
- SWOT analysis to understand where the brand sits.