Sales & Business development

Premiering our brands in Europe, we value the need for a hand in hand journey to enable them to prosper. Our aim is to offer a tailored approach to selling each collection, adjustable to the studio’s capacity. From our showroom in the heart of Paris, we represent brands in front of buyers and press, ensuring their individual success.

For retailers, 85° is a bespoke solution to importing luxury pieces from Latin America. Taking care of logistics and follow-up, we build enduring business relations with our partners.

At the core of our business management is a centralised source of brands and stores that value our easy-living and slow-fashion approach to consumption.

Marketing support

We work on building brand awareness and respect designers’ individual history to reinforce the notion of “Made in Latin America” with quality, with love, with responsibility. We build bridges and impulse emerging Latin American talents to present their collections in Europe working in conjunction with our sales representatives on trade shows, press presentations and other communication outputs.


Our sustainable luxury brands are constantly evolving, so do visit us in our Parisian concept store and showroom located at le 38 - 38 rue de l’Université.

For appointments, write to us on